July 20, 2012

Summer Adventures

Our summer has been packed full of activities so it is flying by!  Palmer loves being outside so we spend a lot of time outdoors and he usually manages to get wet or dirty which means a lot of changing clothes.  We didn't have any big vacation plans (other than a quick getaway to Lava Hot Springs with my family) but we've kept ourselves pretty busy and entertained just close to home.  One of the things that we have loved doing is going on bike rides with our "new" (off KSL) bike trailer.  We love exploring around town and it's such a nice way to do it.  We also we were lucky to buy the Pass of all Passes for dang cheap ($10 each) so we have gone to Raging Waters multiple times and also to Trafalga, Tracy Aviary, a Bees game, and bowling all for free!  I absolutely love living so close to all of these places and family and friends so Palmer and I can keep ourselves entertained during the hot summer days.  I just feel bad that Brad has to go to work each day and miss out on the fun.  Luckily summer is only half over so we can keep on having a blast for awhile longer!

Tracy Aviary with Rachel, Annie, and Ashley

Brad's brother Kevin graduated from Bear River High School

He's already riding his 4-wheeler like a pro!
Yum!  Frozen Go-gurt!
At the Splash Park by my parent's house.

Every year we spend the Fourth of July with Brad's family in Deweyville.  We go to the Deweyville Breakfast and Parade.  It is always a good time.  The parade lasts for just a few minutes (until they turn around at the end of the route and you get to see everything a second time) but it's always a very patriotic event.  Palmer rode in the parade with Grandma Leann on a prowler and loved it.  His cousins rode in a tractor with Kenny.  After the parade all the kids run to an open field and an airplane flies past multiple times and drops little parachutes with candy hooked to them.  It's quite the event!  This year after the parade we all met at Brad's parents house, had a bbq, and set up a huge slip 'n slide on their back hill and had a fun time playing in the water.  I was sad when I realized I didn't get any pictures of the slip 'n slide (just video).  We ended the night by going to see some fireworks in town.  It was a fun filled day!


Amy said...

I can't believe how grown up he looks! I'm glad you're having a fun summer!

Jen said...

You got some super cute pictures of Palmer. Also, I saw your house before and after pictures on FB, what a difference! I am excited to see how the rest of your house projects are coming along sometime.